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A health and fitness community

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** ~~ Fitzilla: A Health & Fitness Community ~~ **
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All Members , Moderated
Fitzilla is a community of men and women from beginners to advanced. We are dedicated to encouraging and motivating each other to reach our health and/or fitness goals. It was created by aquaholic who has since deleted her journal.

Note: This is NOT a pro-ana or pro-eating disorder community. Eating disorders are not tolerated nor condoned in this community.

Some of the topics we discuss:

Body for Life, South Beach Diet, macrobiotics, CKD, bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, body shaping, strength and conditioning, female muscle, food plans, dieting, calories, books, bicycling, exercising, running, pilates, yoga, and much more.

Basic Rules & Guidelines:

  1. This is not a debating community. While it's okay to disagree, do not harass other members. Be nice, no flaming, and respect your peers.
  2. Do not violate the LJTOS.
  3. Introduce yourself: You can say where you're from, what you like to do, and even post a picture of yourself if you'd like. Or fill out our survey then post it in the community if you'd like:

    Current workout (indicate if you are on the Body for Life program, Weight Watchers, Dr. Phil's Fitness Challenge, powerlifting routine, Southbeach Diet etc):
    Current workout goal(s):

  4. PLEASE use LJ-cut for long posts or for pictures larger than 400 pixels.
  5. Try not to lurk. Post post post! This is a community, so try and get to know the people in it! Participate. We encourage it. We also encourage those with fitness knowledge, experience, certification(s), etc. to post.
  6. If you do not follow these rules we can and will ban you from this community.
  7. Remember: There is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone when it comes to diet, exercise, losing weight, gaining weight, etc.
  8. Feel free to contact the moderator of this community, missfitness, at fitzilla@gmail.com.

* All IP addresses are logged here. Violators of any rule will be banned without warning. Violators will also be reported to the LJ Abuse Team and to their Internet Provider for harassment as it violates the respective Terms of Service.

Have fun!

Creator: aquaholic
Moderator: missfitness
Contact Email: fitzilla@gmail.com

Here are a few websites and books (available offline) to check out:

Working Out:

Body For Life
Weight Watchers
The American College of Sports Medicine
The American Council on Exercise (ACE)
The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
Pictures of Lower Body Exercises such as the squat and the lunge
You Don't Know Squat: Info about Squats
Pictures of squat racks and Smith Machines
Weight Training Techniques by Dave Draper
Kiana Tom's Official Website
Kim Harrtt's Website


The International Powerlifting Federation
The European Powerlifting Federation
The Canadian Powerlifting Union
USA Powerlifting
The United States Powerlifting Federation
The American Powerlifting Association
The Texas Powerlifting Scene
Heavy Sports
USAPL National Women's Championship
132-Pound Powerlifter Jennifer Thompson

Health Clubs & Gyms:

24 Hour Fitness Centers and Health Clubs
Bally Total Fitness
World Gym
Gold's Gym
Curves International
Good Life Fitness (Canada)

Online Magazines and Other Reading:

Men's Fitness
Muscle & Fitness Online
Flex Magazine Online
Muscle Magazine Online
Master Trainer
Shape Magazine Online
Fitness Magazine

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