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September 2009

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thewarmestblue in fitzilla

fine tuning


i am a 25-year old female. i've always been pretty curvy, and my legs are pretty muscle-y, even without working out. i'm 5'5'', 135lbs. i've never been overweight. the most i've ever weighed has been 140, and the least i've ever weighed since adulthood has been 115, and that was when i was 18 or so. i work out about 3-4 times a week, doing about 30 minutes of cardio (either elliptical or speed walking) some light crunches and some light weights, then a lot of stretching. i was curious for those who are not necessarily trying to lose a lot of weight what kind of exercise regimen you'd recommend to tone muscles in a lean way. i'm so impressed with those of you who've lost significant amounts of weight and improved your health, but it's difficult sometimes in communities like these to find suggestions for my situation. pilates? yoga? should i change my cardio? i have some dimpling here and there, like on the upper back parts of my legs, and my behind, and i'd like to be a little more sleek if possible. i understand that my body shape is what it is to a degree, but if i could do some fine tuning i'd be super stoked.

thanks so much for your time...

also... i've been looking into the exercise regimen's of tracy anderson= http://tracyandersonmethod.com/ have any of you tried her videos? i just don't have the money to invest in a personal trainer right now, so i'll do what i can...


Tracy Anderson is a bunch of crap. You can't make your muscles "toned" or "sleek". All you can really do is reduce your bodyfat so your muscles are more prominent and your skin is generally tighter. You're not going to increase muscle mass to any obscene degree without copious amounts of steroids and LOTS of incredibly hard work.

Look into ways to reduce bodyfat and increase muscle, and you'll probably get results more in line with what you want.