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September 2009

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gaining_life in fitzilla

Hey everyone!

I have hypothyroidism and PCOS.. I gained a little over 40lbs over a two year period (2004 & 2005).. I haven't done much (no exercise or dieting) and somehow lost 30lbs in three years.. My doctors still want me to lose at least 11lbs so I am going to try to lose 15lbs in three months.. here are my before pictures (I included the before picture from last May since I have lost some weight since then along with my measurements.. I can't tell a difference in the picture but I can with my clothes since I have gone from a size 10 to a size 8 since May).. I eat balanced as it is and since I am losing weight on my own without doing anything my doctors highly recommended that I keep my eating habits the same.. so no dieting.. I just plan on increasing my activity..


This is a class offered at my gym.. it's Yoga Fitness that is an hour long


This just means I have to do some sort of activity of movement for at least an hour (as recommended by my Doctor..) It will mostly be brisk walking at the park or on a machine at the gym.


Good luck!

FWIW, I had a diagnosis of PCOS at one point (complete with acne, ovarian cysts, all the appropriate hormone measurements, and missing period.

As I got fitter, nearly all of the symptoms gradually disappeared. First the hormone measurements normalized (causing my doctor to withdraw the diagnosis) and then the cysts disappeared.

The acne remained until I started running competitively. I'm now at 50 miles-per-week, and my skin is the clearest it's ever been (though I still need Retin-A).

I still don't get my period without the pill, and my blood sugar's stil a bit tricky, but I'm in a much better place -- and I think it's totally attribuable to a consistent fitness plan over several years.

So, it's worth it!