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September 2009

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admnaismith in fitzilla

More Elvish Workout Weirdness

Crossposted to my LJ

Golly Jeepers, but the Y sure has a lot of instructors! Today they sent a bodybuilder to teach Grunt-and-Proud (the official name o' the class is "Body Sculpting", but they just seem to throw anything they want into the class, as long as it burns calories and hurts a lot).

This was the kind of bodybuilder who could do splits, despite being built like a fireplug that eats other fireplugs. He looked like a healthy, bouncy cross between Carson from Queer Eye and a He-Man action figure. He was scarier than the women. His workout emphasized circuit training, with a lot of stair running and heaving medium dumbells to failure.

Odd realization du jour: My legs are the buffest part of me, from decades of walking, running and nordictrack. My lats and shoulders are pretty wimpy, from decades of not regularly putting heavy things on and off of overhead shelves, which is about the only motion that really uses those muscles. They get really exhausted during circuit training. And yet, the day after the workouts, I feel the lactic acid ache in my legs, and not in my lats and shoulders. For the life of me, I can't figure out why.

I've been doing these classes two or three times a week since about mid-March, and I'm getting some decent definition everywhere except in my gut, which is just going to take a while.

More than anything, I'm discovering the inherent silliness of the human body. We are a goofy-built species, we are.