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September 2009

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l_e_phanty in fitzilla

What are some good foods to eat to give me a boost of energy throughout the day?  I know limiting processed foods is essential to feeling energized throughout the day, but what has worked for you?

I've been feeling really bummed down and drained, my body is asking for some natural energy.  Mind you, I have a busy lifestyle, so the simpler the better.

Thanks in advance!!


Thats my number one problem, not enough rest. I generally get an average of about 5-7hours or rest a night. I know, not good, but it's pretty much impossible to get more, unless my body just simply demands it and I crash out of my own control.
I agree with you, the current foods i've been eating have been causing me to feel so drained, which has been not nearly enough fresh fruits and veggies. I posed this question, I guess, cause yesterday was terrible for me! Two of my meals consisted of red meat, which I havent done in forever....and boy did it take a toll on my body!!

low on iron?

I odn't know if you normally eat much red meat but red meat has a lot of iron and not getting enough iron can cause you to be extremely tired. Regardless of getting enough iron or not you may want to try a multi-vitamin

Re: low on iron?

I take my daily dose of multi-vitamins for active women, as well as a daily dose of fish oil with Omegas 3 & 6.
I really think it was the red meat, isnt red meat one of the hardest things to digest??
I am a vegetarian so I have no idea but the obvious thing would be to remove it from your diet for a week and see how you feel.