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September 2009

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RockStead BITCH

l_e_phanty in fitzilla

Hello Community!

Hi all, I'm new to this community, so I figured i'd start by doing whats asked of the community first.....INTRO...

Name:  Jessica

Age:  26

Current workout (indicate if you are on the Body for Life program, Weight Watchers, Dr. Phil's Fitness Challenge, powerlifting routine, Southbeach Diet etc):  My boyfriend and I own a martial arts school and although I am not a practitioner of the martial arts, I've become a fitness buff over the years.  My workouts mainly consisted of kickboxing, yoga, and light conditioning.  My schedule has changed since then, I am no longer able to train at the gym or dojang and have to make adjustments to my workout by working out at home....which to me, is the hardest thing ever!!!  I'm having a hard time getting motivated to do a super intense workout when I'm at home having to take care of my 3yo son along with other house duties after a full day of work.  Now, my workout routine mainly consists of 4 various types of squats, torso twists, knee drills and light arm exercises.  My main focus right now is my diet, which i've done a killer job with and have lost more weight that i could have ever imagined in a short amount of time.

Current workout goal(s):  My main workout goal has been met, which was to drop my body fat percentage to a healthy range, which is now at 16%.  I'm 5'7", 141lbs, BMI 22, BFP 16%.  My next goal is to drop another 6lbs, and gain lean muscle and gain complete control of my body, which to me includes, strength, stamina, flexibility and agility.  I've never had this in my life, and I'm striving to get there, one day at a time.  Another goal for me is to get my Personal Trainer Certification so that I can quit my current job (which has nothing whatsoever to do with fitness) and dedicate myself full time to our martial arts school and to help people reach their personal fitness goals.
Which leads me to my reason for joining this community.  Are there any personal trainers out there?  Where did you get your certification?  I've been doing alot of research on my own, but I want to make sure I get a solid certification and not a $15 cracker jack box cert.

Interests:  I enjoy pretty much anything...., fashion design, shoes, fitness, kickboxing, yoga, belly dancing (did that for about 4 years), mixed martial arts, entrepreneurship, good conversation, good beer, good (healthy) food...etc.


Thanks! I'm in the best shape I've ever been in, and I feel great. I want to be better though, and I know I wont be completely satisfied until I start seeing some muscle definition. Hahaha

What's your story...
Me? I'm about 15 years older than you. At your age, I was into bodybuilding, for vanity not competition. I was the guy they called on to hug the beer keg and get it from the truck to the back yard.I still have decent, defined arms, legs and shoulders, but my gut has become a major disappointment. I want it bad enough to exercise, but not bad enough to eat for weight loss. You been there?

Nowadays, I mostly train to be healthy and strong. I'm on my NordicTrack every weekday morning, and head to the gym three or four times for weightlifting and to take the kind of classes where I'm usually the only guy in a room full of perky, muscular cuties. :-)

I'm impressed that you have your goals so definitely laid out, BMI, BFP, and all that. That's really going to help you get where you want to be. My main goal is to enjoy the process. Yesterday in Sweat-n-Swear, they had us doing the exercise where you get on all fours and then crunch so that your left elbow and right knee touch, and you go in-and-out, over and over. We were close enough together that when my arm went out, my knuckles brushed those of the lady facing me...and so of course, I called out, "WonderTwin Powers, ACTIVATE!", and we fist-bumped for the rest of the exercise. :-)
Wow, I bet you looked impressive if you could carry a beer keg over your shoulders for a party. I know i've found myself waiting for SOMEONE to be able to get that thing to where it needs to be at a party.
I really do wish I could be as dedicated as you are when it comes to actually excersing regulary, on a machine and going to the gym, but I cant. Between my job, mommy and home duties, I'm finding myself doing squats in the bathroom at work, torso twists while making dinner, racing my son on his bike while i'm on his tricycle (I dont fit on it at all, but somehow I manage).
For a long time i was hard headed by thinking...well i cant workout how I WANT to so I'm just not going to at all. What bologna! So yeah, goal setting and achieving is my new deal, along with the science of it all.

Hahahaha, I would have laughed my butt off if I was in that class with you and heard you say WonderTwin Powers Activate!! Hahahahah too funny.

Well, I didn't exactly hoist the keg over my shoulder. It was more like hugging it to my chest and waddling across the lawn...can't imagine it looked very heroic, but since hardly anyone else in my circle could even lift the thing (although they could do so easily after it had been emptied. Funny, that), it got me some positive attention.

And yeah, it's hard getting to the gym. I'm lucky in that there's a YMCA not too far from my office. I may need to look into doing little mini workouts from my chair at home or at work, like you...so you have a kid, too, eh? That ought to be good for your arms. My toddler is my most frequent free weight...she likes it when I lift her overhead and demonstrate nautical movements like "pitch", "yaw", and "roll". :-)
It used to be good for my arms....then he got to be too heavy for me. He's a big boy. Now I just run around and play with him.

Hee! OK, I just added you to my friendlist. Maybe we can inspire each other to get lean and strong together...
Ok, cool. I'll add you to mine also. I must warn you though, I RARELY update my personal journal, i'm more into lj for the communities.

Is this community active, or more on the dead side?

It was pretty cool for a few years, but now you can kinda hear the crickets chirp. fitbody_fitmind gets a bit more traffic. Some others get a bit TOO much for my taste.