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September 2009

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losing_lisa in fitzilla


Hey, just joined. I was just looking for some advice about weight training. I'm going back to college in about 2 weeks and I've been working out and dieting to lose some poundage, but I want to try to get a little more toned before I head back. my plan was to go to the gym every two days and do a full-body weight-lifting work out. I know that it makes sense to do upper body one day and lower the next, but I'm trying to save some money...I'm not a member of the gym and the visits add up really quickly. so my quesiton is: does this plan make sense? a full body workout and two days to rest in between? can I expect to see any results in so short a time? (I'm also doing a lot of cardio- running about 5 miles a day).

I plan on keeping up with the weight training when I go back to school and going to the gym is included in my $50,000 tuition (ugh -_-)


you're extremely thin
are you talking about my icon? that's not me. not even close.

I found a site not too long ago

Here is a link to a site that I recently found which has pretty useful information on building muscle fast and supplements that will help you do it. Hope it helps.


Fitness Strength Training

A full body workout every two days is not necessarily the way that you should go about it. Most trainers will suggest that you train a particular muscle group once per week, especially if you are going to train it hard. In this way, you can train 3 times a week, different muscle groups and give those muscles a chance to heal and be ready for the next round.