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September 2009

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me - old jeans

glimmer_of_hope in fitzilla

Intro post

Hiii everyone!! Just stopping by to introduce myself. :-D

Name: Kimberly

Age: 27

Current workout: I workout with a personal trainer 3+ times a week, I've been doing this since July 2007. Currently he's fixated and recently Cross Fit certified..this is mainly what we've been doing for the last few weeks. Typical workout, 15 min cardio, 45 minutes weight training, circuit training, etc. It varies...

Current workout goal(s): lose those last 20 lbs (I've lost over 80 since last May)

Interests: reading, mobloging, sharing fitness and workout info, healthy eating, recipes, graduate school (I graduate in December), wii fit, camping, shopping, many more that I'm not thinking of...lol.



That's really impressive!
Thanks!! I just took it one day at a time...lol. And eventually it paid off and now I'm just trying to get through to the end. :-)

Very impressive!

I'm trying to get started myself.. what was your secret? heh. I agree, way to go!

Re: Very impressive!

secret...no secret really.

just set your mind to it and go for it. that's what I did. I see that you added me, I will get into more depth in my journal about specific "tricks" I've learned along the way.

Good luck. Any questions, please feel free to ask.

from a trainer

Congrats! You look amazing and your success is the reason trainers do what they do. I wandered over here in search of other Stott Pilates instructors and found your post, congratulations again!

PS: I did my first crossfit workout recently, it was a huge challenge but I was really proud of myself for finishing it.

Re: from a trainer

Thanks!! Yeah I've been with my trainer over a year now (this month), and he's expressed the perks and the well hard parts of being a personal trainer. But he's still doing it and enjoys it most of the time. :-)

Crossfit is totally intense, and it's great because you can make it more or less depending on your fitness level. I do crossfit workout once or twice a week typically then one day of more traditional strength training all with my trainer.

How long have you been a personal trainer?
Do people treat you differently now?
Yes, people definitely treat me a lot differently. But it's mostly strangers and people I don't know, or didn't previously know. I get a lot more attention, people are more willing to help, etc. It's really sad in many ways that society is that dependent upon outside appearances. Previously I was more upset by people's behavior and how it had changed. At this point unfortunately, as I've maintained the weight loss I'm more accustomed to the way people treat me now.

As for my close friends, and family they are all just happy for me. People whom were more of an aquantance didn't recognize me and at times reintroduced themselves to me. I've had a few males who previously wouldn't give me the time of day, and later wanted my attention. Those I blew off as they didn't care WHO I was, just what I looked like.

Does that answer your question?
Yes and very well at that.

I've experienced similar situations as yourself.

To close, I'm glad you were able to stick with the program. It says something good about. You look very nice.