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September 2009

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lana in fitzilla

For April

My body becomes desensitized to my training and am looking for more ideas for April.

New month. New workout schedule?

- A brief background. Been working out since I was 15. Includes lifting weights, martial arts, yoga, etc.

- I've lost 22 pounds in the last year even though I look the same. (Or at least I think I look the same.) I drastically cut down on refined foods including sugar a la Atkins and I lifted weights throughout this process. Weight/mass loss was not my goal. Please see below.

- My main goals are to maintain my good health as well as to deter the development of diabetes and ovarian cancer.

What do you plan to do for April as it pertains to working out?

I am looking for workout ideas.

For example:

1. Length of workout
2. Order of lifting exercises: reps and sets
3. Ab work
4. Times per week
5. For people studying any martial art... what do you do when training?
6. Order of workout (for example, cardio then lift or lift then cardio)
7. What are you doing for your workouts in April?

If at all possible please be specific because I am working on my workout schedule for April and I like to incorporate other things since my workouts sometimes become stale and/or my body becomes desensitized.

I am looking for workout ideas to incorporate into my routine. Someone has already suggested I return to HIIT which I plan to start again in June but April is here and I would like a new challenge or at least something different than I would normally do since I have been training for about 25 years.

If you just want to tell us what you plan to do for your workouts in April that's fine too. I would love to read what others are doing this month because that is usually how I incorporate some things into my workout.

Thanks in advance.